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Being respected by name and reputation alone? Turning heads as you walk down the street? Being asked for autographs? The public life of the famous seems glamorous and desirable for many of us. While some get lucky by accident, wikiHow can teach you how to take advantage of your opportunities to become famous, how you want to be famous: by doing what you love.

Movie Actress from Tanzania anda Director of J-Film 4 Lifer Company - Miss Jeniffer Kyaka Odama

Part 1 of 4: Building Talent

1. Decide what you'll be famous for.
Do you want to out-cook Gordon Ramsay? Do you want to record duets with Beyonce or sell novels like J.K. Rowling? Selecting a fame-worthy career is the first step toward becoming famous.
Artistic careers like music, acting, writing, or painting require one to build a "business of one." You'll have to sell yourself in any of these fields and build a name for yourself, which is some level of fame. If someone you've never met knows your name, that's a level of fame.

We associate careers in the arts--actors and musicians--with "fame," but any public figure qualifies as famous. Politicians, football coaches, local business owners, and even weathermen are recognizable in the grocery store.

Consider public service. Doctors, lawyers, and firemen can become locally or regionally famous for their deeds. You don't need to be Kanye West to consider yourself famous.

2. Be the best. Sounds simple, right?
To become famous at whatever it is you hope to become famous for requires that you perfect the craft of that particular thing. Devote yourself entirely to developing your skills. If you want to record rap music, or become a pro football player, you have to throw yourself into that world completely.
Forget fame at this stage. Kendrick Lamar, one of the hottest, most famous recent rappers to appear on the scene, is famous because of his extreme dedication to his craft and the art that he makes, not because he wanted to be famous.

YouTube is filled with hopeless fame-seekers who skipped this step entirely and jumped right into marketing their terrible music full-time. No one will want to listen to your music if it doesn't strike some chord with them. Wait until it's good enough, until your music is better than what you hear on the radio.[1]
Music that's "so bad it's good" falls under the category of infamy. Still, you're striking some chord with an audience. Acts like Krispy Kreme, Die Antwoord, and rapper Riff Raff still know an incredible amount about the music they're making, and how to build a lot of irony into it. Rebecca Black's "Friday" and the limited fame she received from it was the result of a professional marketing campaign.

3. Find mentors.
Find someone who does what you want to do better than you do it and learn everything you can. When you're better than them, find someone else and continue the learning process. If you want to be an actor, study with the best teachers, watch all the films of your favorite actors, and write to them for advice. If you want to write poetry, read nothing but poetry. Study it, copy it out, read it out loud, write it on the walls of your bedroom.
4. Be unique.
Being unique is critical to fame. If you're an actor, what sets you apart from everyone else trying out for plays? What will make someone remember you? Steve Buscemi has one of the most memorable faces and vocal deliveries in Hollywood films, but isn't what you would call traditionally handsome. His charm is his unique ability to portray a character.
5. Learn as much as you can about the field you want to crack into.

If you want to write popular novels that sell millions of copies and are turned into major motion pictures, you'll need to know what kind of novels sell well and what kind of novels people want to read. Read them, but don't copy them. Everyone wants something new and accessible. Look at the style of the novels but consider new kinds of characters, situations, and structures that aren't being written.
If you want to become a famous trial lawyer, you're not going to be able to do anything too radically different--you still have to convince a jury of someone's guilt or innocence. But, the style of your delivery, demeanor, and even fashion can be a way of distinguishing yourself. Likewise, your advertisements. Marketing yourself in a unique way is a great way to build a client or fan base, whatever your field.

Part 2 of 4: Creating Opportunities

1.Brand yourself.
If your goal is to become famous, think of yourself as a salesman who needs to market a product. People need to buy into the idea of you. Something about you needs to strike a chord with them, whatever it may be. Your "thing," whatever it is, needs to guide all the decisions you make in developing your fame. Your brand should dictate the way you talk to people, the way you advertise, the way you dress, and the way you create.

When the Beatles were the most popular band in the land, The Rolling Stones presented themselves as the alternative: wild where the Beatles were ordered, overtly sexual where they were chaste. The music was similar and backstage, they were not dissimilar, but the marketing was made the Stones completely different.

2. Get the word out.
Contact the local paper or TV station about your current creative project, or get in touch with a local radio show about your band. Prove yourself as a good guest and interview subject

3. Turn disadvantages into strengths.
Any opportunity for press is a good opportunity. If you make complex craft beer for sophisticated drinkers and the paper wants to interview you about alcoholism, use it as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the Bud Lite crowd. Actors are particularly good at turning bad press into an opportunity for redemption.
Early career politicians are a particularly good example of this. Barack Obama took the disadvantage of his lack of executive experience and turned it into a strength--he was a fresh face, and against "business as usual." His unique life story (son of a Kenyan, born in Hawaii and raised in Kansas) was presented as an American narrative.

4. Risk failure.
Have confidence that your brand, product, and yourself are worthy of fame. You have to put yourself out there to succeed. If you think, "I'll never get that part in that play, so I'll just not try out," you're definitely right. You'll never get it. But if you do try out, you may surprise even yourself. Risk sending your book to the publisher, or booking a gig at a big festival. If you're dedicated to your craft and to creating the best work you can, you'll succeed eventually.

Avoid "networking." We've all met an aggressive collector of business cards and shameless Facebook-friender. The problem with overt networking is that it communicates "What can you give me?" rather than "How can this relationship be mutually beneficial?"
Be realistic in your aims and avoid "carpet-bombing" marketing campaigns of yourself.[2] Hip-hop publications probably aren't interested in interviewing your bluegrass band, and you're unlikely to get invited back to the wine festival with your craft beers.

Part 3 of 4: Maintaining Fame

1. Surprise people with your depth.
Distinguishing yourself in other ways and becoming more than a "one note" is the best way to maintain your fame and ensure that it grows and lasts more than fifteen minutes. Involve yourself with charitable causes or philanthropy to help people see you in a different light. Donate your time and efforts to causes you believe in.

Movie Actress from Tanzania anda Director of J-Film 4 Lifer Company - Miss Jeniffer Kyaka Odama
2. Do other things.
A reality television star occasionally outlives their moment in the sun by developing notable skills and talents. Ethan Zohn won a season of the television show Survivor, but transitioned into organizing grassroots soccer clubs and being a sports commentator and was on the cover on "Livestrong" magazine in 2012 (more than ten years after winning the show) after beating cancer and training for marathons.

An actor with a musical talent could either become a punch-line or a source of depth and respect. Treat your other ventures with as much intent and consideration of your brand as your main career.
3. Surround yourself with famous people.
Once you've ascended, stay on top by being "spotted" with other celebrities, working alongside other famous people, and staying visible. Rapper Nelly is several years removed from his hottest period in the late 90s and early 2000s, but as a talent judge on on television singing competitions, he stays relatively successful as a result of that early fame.
Part 4 of 4: Getting Famous Without Talent

1. Apply for reality television programs in Britain and the US.
While the stature and duration of celebrity associated with reality television has waned somewhat in the US, British reality celebrities are often front-page news. For your audition tape or interview, consider the same branding and marketing of yourself based on your unique qualities and character. Reality programs are looking for uninhibited characters.

Watch lots of reality programs and figure out what might work best for you. If your only goal is getting on television for a minute or two, try out for American Idol and perform badly or humorously and hope for a gag reel.
2. Develop relationships with famous people.
Hanging out at Hollywood bars and befriending or even developing romantic relationships with famous people is a way of becoming famous. The spouses of politicians, whether they like it or not, are thrust into the spotlight.
3. Distinguish yourself on the internet.
Making humorous or informational YouTube videos is a good way to become famous. Cultivate a following on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with your fan base.
Successful YouTube entrepreneurs are often hired by YouTube to produce content, on a case by case basis. "Daym Drops Super Official Food Reviews" is basically just a guy (Daym) eating fast food in his car while parked and talking about it enthusiastically. He's been on the Jimmy Fallon show and other mainstream media, with each video receiving tens of thousands of views because of his charisma and sense of humor.
4. Distinguish between fame and infamy.
Jeffrey Dahmer is a household name, but not famous in the way that you want to be. Doing something criminal is a shortcut you don't want to take.
Shaming yourself on the internet by doing something dangerous or embarrassing and posting the video might be a way to get some attention, but attention is not necessarily fame.

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Maisha ya Odama na mume wake Hemed HB yako matatani kutokana na mtoto wao JADA ambaye hataki kuona Odama akiishi vizuri na baba yake, Odama ambaye ni mama wa kambo wa JADA anateswa na  vituko vya mwanae JADA ambavyo vinamsababishia matatizo katika maisha yake. Ukitaka kujua mengi basi usikose kujipatia filamu yako mpya ya JADA inayotoka 19.02.2015.

Odama (kshoto) na mwane Jada ambaye anaonekana kuwa bize na kompyuta na anashindwa kumsikiliza mama yake wa kambo


Prof. Lipumba akihutubia.

TAARIFA zilizotufikia ni kwamba Mwenyekiti wa CUF, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba na wanachama wake wamekamatwa na kupigwa na Jeshi la Polisi.

Wananchi wakiwa eneo la tukio.

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) kimeeleza kushtushwa na tukio hilo la kupigwa na kukamatwa Mwenyekiti Mwenza wa UKAWA Prof. Lipumba.

Uongozi wa juu wa Chadema pamoja na mawakili wa chama hicho wameelekea Kituo Kikuu cha Polisi, Dar kwa ajili ya tukio hilo walilofanyiwa viongozi hao wa CUF na wanachama.

Polisi wakiwatawanya wananchi baada ya kuandamana.

Juhudi za Mtandao huu kumpata Kaimu wa Kamanda wa polisi Kanda Maalum ya Dar es Salaam, Kamanda Suleiman Kova, Afande Sirro zinaendelea baada ya kumpigia simu hapo awali na kuomba kupigiwa baadaye kutokana na kikao alichokuwa nacho.


Stori: Mwandishi wetu/Risasi Mchanganyiko
MKONGWE wa filamu Bongo, Illuminata Posh maarufu kama Dotnata, amesema alitoa machozi wakati akirekodi sinema inayohusu unyanyasaji wanaofanyiwa watoto wadogo, hasa alipobaini ukweli kuwa wanakosa mtetezi hata wa kuweza kuhisi mateso wanayokutana nayo.

Mkongwe wa filamu Bongo, Illuminata Posh 'Dotnata'.

“Watoto wanapata mateso sana kutoka kwa jamii inayowazunguka, wakipoteza wazazi au familia ikifarakana, wanaoumia zaidi ni wao kwani huingia mitaani na kuwa ombaomba, wanajiingiza kwenye wizi, ukahaba na ushoga. Wanafanya haya yote ili wapate mlo tu kwani hawana akili yoyote ya maisha yao ya mbele, jamii inapaswa kubadilika na kujadili vyanzo vya watoto wa mitaani badala ya kufikiri kuhusu misaada katika vituo vyao,” alisema Dotnata.

Filamu iliyomtoa machozi ni C.P.U ambayo yeye ameigiza kama wakala wa kuwauza wasichana kwenye madanguro ikiwahusisha wasanii wengine kama Kulwa Kikumba ‘Dude’, Richard Mshanga ‘Mzee Masinde’, Hashim Kambi ‘Ramsey’, Sauda Simba, Subira Wahure, Steve Sandhu, Nkwabi Juma, Mohamed Funga Funga ‘Mzee Jengua’ Mobby Mpambala na chipukizi kibao.a


Musa Mateja/Uwazi
MSANII wa filamu Bongo, Viva ametamba kwamba mimba aliyokuwa nayo ni ya miezi sawa kama ya msanii mwenzake wa filamu, Aunty Ezekiel.

Msanii wa filamu Bongo, Viva akiwa na Aunt Ezekiel.

Akizungumza na safu hii akiwa katika tamasha moja lililofanyika katika Viwanja vya Leaders, Kinondoni, jijini Dar mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita, Viva akiwa ameongozana na Aunty huku muda mwingi wakionekana kutambiana mimba zao, alisema huku akimgeukia mwandishi wetu:

“Kwanza nafurahi kuwa na mimba kipindi kimoja na Aunty. Mimba yangu ni kubwa na inazidi hata ya Aunty kwani ina zaidi ya miezi minne sasa, si unaiona.”


Will Smith akiwa na familia yake.

STAA wa filamu Will Smith na mkewe Jada Pinkett wanataraji kusherehekea miaka 20 katika uhusiano wao mbali na kuwa wanandoa hao walisherehekea miaka 17 ya ndoa yao Desemba 31, mwaka jana.

Will Smith na mkewe Jada Pinkett.

Jada mwenye umri wa miaka 43, aliandika katika ukurasa wake wa Facebook kuhusu uhusiano wake na Will huku akielezea matunda ya mahusiano hayo wakiwemo watoto wao
Willow na Jaden Smith na jinsi walivyoweza kudumu katika upendo na kuvumiliana.

Aliandika hivi: Desemba 31, mwaka jana, nilisherehekea miaka 17 ya ndoa. Mwezi Februari mwaka huu nitatimiza miaka 20 tangu nilipoamua kuanza maisha na Will. Nimejifunza kuwa muungano wa watu wawili ni muujiza wa kweli na watoto ndiyo matunda ya muujiza huo.

Kwa jinsi ninavyoendelea kuupanda mlima huu wa upendo na muungano, ninahamasika kuona yote ambayo yeye na mimi tumetengeneza tukiwa kileleni mwa mlima huo. Aliandika Jada katika sehemu ya ujumbe huo.

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Siku ya leo mwigizaji wa filamu Tanzania na mkurugenzai wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama) aliweza kupata mualiko wa kufika katika redio wa UHURU iliyopo maeneo ya Mnazi mmoja jijini Dar es Salaam Tanzania kufanya mahojiano juu ya ushindi alioupata katika kipindi cha Filamu Zetu kinachoendeshwa na mtangazaji wa redio hiyo Mama Abdul.

Kipindi hicho kilikuwa kinapambanisha waigizaji bora Tanzania ambapo Odama alipambanishwa na mwigizaji mwenzake Irene Paul. Wasikilizaji wa redio Uhuru waliweza kupiga simu na wengine kutuma meseja za kupiga kura kwa yule msanii waliona ni bora kwao. Hatiamye Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama) aliweza kuchukua ushindi

Mtangazaji wa Redio Uhuru katika kipindi cha filamu Zetu Mama Abdul (kushoto) akisoma historia ya msaanii wa filamu nchini Kenya, na kulia ni Odama akifuatilia historia hiyo.

Odama alimshukuru Mungu kwa ushindi alioupata na pia kwa wale wote waliompigia kura kwa njia ya simu. Ni kitu ambacho hakutegemea kabisa kuwa ataibuka mshindi wa shindano hilo kabambe. Aliwashukuru sana watangazaji wa redio hiyo na uongozi mzima kwa kumpa heshima ya kufanya mpambano huu mkali. Radio Uhuru ni moja ya redio bora Tanzania kwa kazi za wasanii na ndio maana wameamua kuanzisha kipindi cha Filamu Zetu.

Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama) na Mama Abdul (kulia)

Wadau waliweza kuuuliza maswali juu ya malengo yake ya baadae, naye Odama aliweza kufunguka na kuwaeleza kwa sasa yuko katika maandalizi ya kufungua kituo kwaajili ya kuinua vipaji vya wasanii wadogo ili waweze kujulikana kama yeye alivyojulikana na jamii ya Tanzania

Mtangazaji wa Redio Uhuru katika kipindi cha filamu Zetu Mama Abdul (kushoto) akisoma historia ya msaanii wa filamu nchini Kenya, na kulia ni Odama akifuatilia historia hiyo.
Wengine walitaka kujua idadi ya filamu ambazo amecheza, naye alisema mpaka sasa amecheza filamu zaidi ya 20 na hivi sasa ametoa filamu mpya inayoenda kwa jina la JADA ambayo itakuwa sokoni tarehe 19.02.2015 kwahiyo wadau wakae mkao wa kula kujipatia filamu mpya. Katika filamu hiyo wataweza kuona mtoto anayeishi na mama wa kambo anavyosumbua familia na kusababisha malumbano na kuvunjika kwa amani ndani ya familia.
Mtangazaji wa Redio Uhuru katika kipindi cha filamu Zetu Mama Abdul (kushoto) akisoma historia ya msaanii wa filamu nchini Kenya, na kulia ni Odama akifuatilia historia hiyo.
 Baadhi ya wadau walitaka kujua siri kubwa ya Odama kutokuwa na skendo mbaya kama baadhi ya wasanii wenzake, naye alisema, hii ni kutokana na jinsi yeye alivyojiwekea katika maisha yake kuwa atajitahidi sana kuishi kama Jeniffer Kyaka na sio kuishi yale maisha ambayo anaigiza katika filamu. Hii imemsaidia sana Odama na ndio maana mpaka leo jamii inamtambua Odama kama mwigizaji asiye na skendo. Pia malezi aliyolelewa na wazazi wake ambayo ni wacha Mungu na hapendi kuona anawaangusha wazazi wake kwa skendo.
 Jenifer Kyaka (Odama)
Wadau waliweza kupiga maswali mengi sana na hasa juu ya waigizaji wa filamu kuvaa mavazi ya ajabu katika jamii inayowazunguka kama wanavyofanya katika filamu zao, naye Odama alisema, hiyo ni tabia ya mtu na sio kitu kingine, kama mtu amezoea tabia hiyo ataendelea kuwa hivyo. Pia aliwaomba watu wasiwachukulie wasanii kama wote wana tabia mbaya kutokana na wanavyoona katika filamu zao bali watambue ya kuwa kile wanachofanya ni kuwakilisha vitu vinavyotokea katika maisha ya watu mitaani.
 Mama Abdul (kushoto) na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
 Odama na mmoja wa watangazaji wa kipindi cha Filamu Zetu
 Mtangazaji wa Filamu Zetu - Redio Uhuru Mama Abdul

 Kutoka kulia ni Mkurugenzi wa Rumafrica (, Mtangazaji wa Filamu Zetu Mama Abdul, Odama
 Mkurungenzi wa Rumafrica, RuleaSanga (kulia) na mtangazi wa kipindi cha nyimbo za tarabu redio Uhuru
 Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Odama (kushoto) na Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali (kulia)
 Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama (kushoto) na Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali (kulia)
 Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali
  Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama
  Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama
 Mkurungenzi wa J-Film 4 Life, Jeniffer Kyaka -Odama (kushoto) akikabidhiwa zawadi ya kalenda ya CCM na Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa redio Uhuru, Angel A. Akilimali (kulia)

Baadi ya wafanyakazi na watangazaji wa redio Uhuru waliweza kupiga picha za kumbukumbu na Odama na ilikuwa kama hivi"-

 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Burudani Ambiance Shtuka, Cecy Jerry aka Mama Cecy au Mwasii Kitoko (kushoto) akiwa na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Burudani Ambiance Shtuka, Cecy Jerry aka Mama Cecy au Mwasii Kitoko (kulia) akiwa na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
  Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Burudani Ambiance Shtuka, Cecy Jerry aka Mama Cecy au Mwasii Kitoko (kulia) akiwa na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Burudani Ambiance Shtuka, Cecy Jerry aka Mama Cecy au Mwasii Kitoko (kulia) akiwa na Jeniffer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru Scolastica Salim (kulia) akiwa na Odama
 Mtangazaji Neema Mwangomo (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
  Mtangazaji Neema Mwangomo (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Hello Tanzania, Sheila Simba (kulia)  na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
  Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru kipindi cha Hello Tanzania, Sheila Simba (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru, FurahaLuhuembe (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)
 Mtangazaji wa redio Uhuru, FurahaLuhuembe (kulia) na Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

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Aliyebebwa na kisha kulazwa hapa ni Mfalme Abdullah wa Saudia. Aliswaliwa na kuzikwa huko Riyadh mapema wiki hii.
Kuna mengi tunajifunza kwa kifo cha Mfalme huyu wa Duniani, Allah ampe kheri na jazaa huko akhera , ameen.

Mfalme ambaye alikua na utajiri usomithilika, alikua na nguvu za kusema kile nataka hiki sitaki, alikua na uwezo mkubwa, lakini yote haya ulifika muda ikawa ni mwisho wake. Mwisho wa maamuzi. Hata akivuliwa nguo alositiriwa hana uwezo wa kukemea au kujisitiri tena.

Je, umauti hauwi sababu ya sisi kurudi kwa Mola wetu? Ewe mwenye mamlaka ya ulipo, kipi kinakupa kibri na jeuri hata unamkufuru Mungu muumba wa mbingu na ardhi, alokuumba wewe tokea tone la manii?
Mfalme amezikwa na ulimwengu umeshuhudia mazishi yake yalivyokua yakawaida kabisa, kaburi lake pia ni la kawaida mno, kaburi kama ulionavyo halijajengewa na halitajengewa.

Kaburini ni wewe na Malaika wa Allah tuu. Hapo ni matendo yako mema ndio yatakayokupa unafuu sana. Jaalia wewe ndie ulielazwa pale, jee una matendo gani ya kukuepusha na adhabu za Allah. Jee uliyoyafanya juu ya mgongo wa ardhi yatakueka mbali au kukukurubisha na moto wa Jahannam?

Hakika mauti ni glasi yenye kinywaji na kila nafsi itakunywa kinywaji hicho, hakika mauti ni mawaidha, tunatakiwa tuwaidhike nayo. Hakika mauti ni mlango, na kila mtu ataupita mlango huo. Kiukweli mauti ina majina mengi sana. Na kila jina linajitosheleza nalo. Tudumisheni matendo mema ili Allah S.W atulipe mema.


...akiwa na Rais wa Marekani, Barack Obama

...akisalimiana na Waziri Mkuu wa Uingereza, David Cameron

...akiongea na Rais wa Syria, Bashar al-Assad Allah anatwambia...

"Mali zoote mulizonazo ni mali zangu, na Pepo ni Pepo yangu, na nyinyi ni waja wangu, enyi waja wangu, inunueni Pepo yangu kwa mali zangu"
Je, nini tupewe kama Allah anataka tuinunue Pepo yake kwa mali zake?
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